1:35 pm on Friday, Oct. 03, 2003

3-Somes, Cleavage, and Spirituality

What do these three things have in common? ME!!!

On Tuesday, I had my first threesome....my thoughts on that? Yum and ow! Yum because I loved it and it was great and I'm gonna do it again....ow b/c after I did it I was kinda sore, down there and all over (well when your trying to please two people what would you expect?) I'm not gonna get into more details right now but if you want details right me at arealwoman1976@yahoo.com

I love to wear shirts that show cleavage...my chest is like my favorite part of my body.

My spirituality...its a changing thing...especially now, when I'm not really sure what I believe or who to believe. I dont really think I'm a Christian anymore...but where does that leave me now? I'm still kinda interested in Wicca but I'm not sure if its for me so maybe when I have some money I will get some books on the subject and study up and see if it might be right for me. Well I gotta go...TGIF! Not like I'm doing anything special anyways...lmao! RACH

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