50 first dates
1:31 am on Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2004

dammit...i cant get him out of my head

saw the movie 50 first dates...it was freakin awesome. ADAM SANDLER RULES!!! What does he rule? Who the fuck knows.

If i could erase alex from my memory i would...not that i dont like him...in fact its completely the opposite...i like him so much its driving me crazy.

But I dont want to ruin his life... after putting up with his mom for all those years...just to get involved with someone with all the same problems...yeah right. He needs a younger more attractive girl in his life. why would he want me? anyways, im a sad panda tonight...cant even think about the future...i just feel so negative...so depressed...life sucks. maybe tomorrow i'll feel better.


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