12:11 am on Monday, Oct. 20, 2003


Hi! Rach here again... here to give a lil more info bout myself! Yes I do have email, my addy is and i have both aim (pixiemonica) and yahoo messenger (arealwoman1976). If I would describe myself in one word it would be ....crazy! no j/k no it would be creative. Being creative, I like to create things, that is my hobby...i like to write, i like to crochet, i like to stir things up and see what happens. On Sept 11, 2001 I was in our living room with my mom I was sitting right where I am this very moment...looking at the very same computer screen. I turned around and there was the plane hitting the 2nd was horrible, and it hit me hard even though I really didn't know anyone directly involved. I believe in God, but not the one that people who go to church every Sunday believe in...not the traditional one is what I'm trying to say. I'm drawn to Wicca, although still deciding if it's for me, drawn to it because of the aspect of their being a female god, or a "goddess". My most embarrasing moment? That's a toughie, considering alot of things embarrass me. I guess I would have to say when i was 12 and my gym class went to the local park and i got all dizzy from going too many times on the merry-go-round...i thought i was fine..until we were halfway back to the school....all of sudden i felt urgently sick...and threw up on somebody's lawn...then this lady came out to see what was going on and my teacher told her...i was so emabarrassed. Anyways that's my spiel for today, catch ya'all laters! RACH

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