A word of advice
12:18 am on Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2004

Life is tough when you're a girl

When you turn around and face your world

There's no one there to watch your back

So what dya do when your under attack

Do you fall down on your knees and cry

Close your eyes and hope to die

Or do you turn around and walk away

Forgetting all the shit your enemies say

One day you'll meet the love of your life

He'll be your man and you'll be his wife

But for now your alone and it aint that bad

This is the time of your life so don't be sad

Hard as it is now you'll look fondly at

When you had no husband, no kids, no cat

Have fun while you still can

Cuz pretty soon you'll have a man

With a one track mind and a 20 year plan

Life is tough when you're a girl

So take control and rule your world.

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