12:19 am on Monday, Aug. 04, 2003

The A...the L...the E...the X...the A...the L...the E...the X that's Alex...

My obsession with the name Alex began when I was about seven years old and had a serious crush on Michael J. Fox who played Alex P. Keaton on the show Family Ties. I find it quite interesting that he rode a skateboard in the movie Back 2 the Future. Why is this so interesting? B/c the Alex I have a crush on now just happens to be a skater. That's about the only thing I know about him, other than that he goes fishing a lot with his dad and he's very cute when he's just in his boxers. (I'll tell you how I found that one out later hehe) In college I read the book A Clockwork Orange, whose main character is an Alex. I loved that book. I wanted to be a female version of Alex so I started to use the name Alexa, mainly while I was on the internet. And then I met my friend and her son. I didn't know back then how obsessed I would become with him. Tonight I saw him at the grocery store. He was standing at the magazine rack with a couple of friends. At first I wasn't sure if it was him or not but after we walked by I heard someone say Alex and then I heard his voice. Yep, it was definitely him. Why do I like him? I don't know maybe it's cuz he's this cute young intelligent skater boy who most likely has a bright future ahead of him.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about him, as well as another Alex who almost got me to make the biggest mistake of my life.

Until tomorrow,

Sinfully yours,


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