Tell Alex I love him...
1:23 am on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2004

If itís true, I donít know

Yet everyday my feelings still grow

Is it infatuation or something much sweeter?

Like the taste of a cake mix being licked from a beater.

MmmmÖsweet Alex. Today I didnít do much. Once Iím done typing this Iím gonna go work on my crocheting. I canít believe I sold my first afghan and Iím not even done crocheting it yet! Laura is so nice to offer to buy it from me. I was disappointed that I didnít get the extra SSI money for February but I should definitely get it in March. I bought some minutes for my cell phone so itís usable in case of an emergency. So whatís the scoop on Alex? WellÖ

ALEX ALERT: Alexís grandfather might be moving into their house! This could prove to make things interesting. And just when you thought things couldnít get any more interesting. So, will I or wonít I tell him (how I feel). That is the question of the century. I canít think of anything else to say, so for now this is RACH signing off and saying goodnight, not goodbye, because I know we will meet here again. LUV, RACH

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