I'd Do Anything
12:37 am on Saturday, Sept. 04, 2004

Iíd do anything

Just to hold in you in my arms

And try to make you laugh

Somehow I canít put you in the past

Iíd do anything

Just to fall asleep with you

Would you remember me?

ĎCause I know I wonít forget you

--Simple Plan

I wrote Nathan, my ex-boyfriend, a good sized letter but I donít know if Iím going to send it. Why? Because I feel weird writing to him when he now has a new girlfriend. Being friends with an ex can be strange, to say the least. But in a way Iíve moved on as well. Iím flirting with other guys, Iím going to start seeing Bill again, and Iím constantly thinking about Alex. Itís become an obsession for me LOL. Iím over Nathan, but sometimes I miss being in love. It can get very lonelyÖalthough I never really was ďwithĒ Nathan because we never actually met in person. But when we had our phone conversations I felt very close to him.

I went out to dinner at a nice restaurant with my dad. It was nice to spend some quality time with him. I had a good meal (brought some home) and even had chocolate pudding with whipped cream (so yummy yet so fattening). We talked about politics, my going to school, dadís current job (or lack of job) situation, my working with Nikki, and how busy it was at the restaurant.

I smoke too much. But right now Iím just not ready to quitÖhopefully someday I will be. I got my two cartons of cigarettes today and they were the wrong kind! GrrrÖ Iíll live though I decided to keep the one carton and exchange the other one for the kind I usually get. So Iíll have two cartons plus the ones Nikki is giving me. So I should be set for a while in that department.

You are the weakest link! Goodbye! (Just kidding) RACH

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