If I was your girlfriend...
12:50 am on Thursday, Apr. 15, 2004

I promise I'd give my life.

Would I, really? A*** I wonder what you think of me...do you really think I'm an ugly bitch...that they don't make em uglier then me...or deep down inside do you have feelings for me, feelings that make no sense, feelings that are beyond ration or explanation.

I can explain my feelings though: I"m a crazy whacked out chic who's too emotional for her own good. I'm no good (for you) baby I'm no good.

I'd do anything...just to fall asleep next to you...What the fuck am I saying? Somebody slap me across the face, maybe that would wipe this silly nonsense from my mind. Well, what people don't know that I'm thinking well it wont hurt them...but who knows? nobody knows and...

nobody cares



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