casey at the bat
6:39 pm on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2005

Yes, I'm back with Casey. I have a boyfriend again - YAY! and life at the new apartment goes fairly well...although it does have its moments. Life can be lonely and cruel sometimes...but now that I got my baby back, its not as tough to handle. I'm getting a new computer, the one my friend Nikki gave me went caput, and I should be getting a job pretty darn soon. It would be a boring, monotonous low paying job, but I bet I could squeeze some fun out of it. And just thinking about coming home and talking to my honey would make it all worthwhile... I can't wait to meet him you know...he doesn't live that far away but right now he cant come up to see me :( that makes me sad but talkin to him on the phone makes me happy again :) i loooooooooove him. YES I DO! anyways, tataz for nowz...rach

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