10:40 am on Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2003

A Poem about Death by "me"

Dying inside, I feel your pain
Everyone knows that I am insane
All that I valued was taken away
Tonight I wish I had something brilliant to say
However, I am hollow, my soul rotting away.
I have a gosh darn freakin sore threat and its really bugging me...last night I had to put up with it at has been stressful, but last night I made it through the night...I almost left work early...but I talked to my boss and she helped me through...I am mildly schizophrenic and majorly bipolar and sometimes my illnesses get in the way of my success with life...i did see the movie A Beautiful Mind the other day and it was inspiring, the idea that even though I may have an illness, I can still be a successful person.....anyways I'm rambling ttyl....oh and if you like to get called at night or on the weekend let me know....I just got a new cell phone! lol :P

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