I don't give a damn...
1:24 am on Monday, May. 31, 2004

What you think about me. Life has been like a rollercoaster (but then when hasnít it been?) HahahaÖat least I can laugh about itÖ and about myself. Itís hard to be down in the dumps when youíre laughing and smiling all the time. Someone told me my life seems like a soap opera, and maybe he was right. God, I had a crush on my best friendís sonÖ and on her too! Still do, although the feelings are a far cry from the strength they used to be. Letís just say they used to be concentrate strength and now theyíre very much watered downÖ mostly water in fact. Having a boyfriend who loves me very much (and who I love very much as well) has been a tremendous factor in this change.

Anyways, enough about thatÖ youíre probably wondering how things are with me and Nathan? Well, they are pretty good despite the fact we havenít done internet chat in a couple days, and itís been even longer since weíve talked on the phone. Iím sure that will be only temporary though, and we should soon be talking againÖ I love talking with Nathan, especially on the phone. Sometimes our phone talks get pretty interesting, especially since we do a lot more than just talking. HEHE. So what have I been doing besides wishing I was talking to Nathan? Well, Iíve been working on the afghan that Iím making. Iím spending a great deal of time on it because I want to get it made as soon as possible. The one Iím making now I call American Tie-Dye because thatís what it looks like. Iíve also been reading and writing (nothing unusual there). Right now Iím reading a book called ďDead on the Dance FloorĒ Itís pretty good, itís kinda like a murder mystery and romance novel all wrapped into one really good story. And what have I been writing? Well, this diary for one thing and Iíve been working on a letter to Nathan this weekend. Iíve also been working on my poetry.

Another thing Iíve been doing is working on my GPTRE job (Get Paid to Read Emails). Iím cutting down on how many programs Iím involved with because it has become too much email to deal with each night. I mean god, I donít want to spend my whole time on the internet reading freaking emails.

Well I think Iíve written enough for anyone to read in one night so until tomorrow, this is RACH signing off and wishing everyone to get their own personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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