In the beginning
6:23 am on Saturday, May. 31, 2003

In the beginning...
there was a girl...
and that girl had a dream.

And when that dream was over, she was officially a writer. At the tender age of eight, for the first time she wrote something that was all her own. From that point on she had a purpose, a way to make a world of her own, a world driven by the roaring fire of her imagination. This world not only existed in her mind and on the lines of a piece of paper; it existed in the minds of those who read the words on the paper and in the minds of those who shared her dream...

In her dream, in a place full of strangers, the girl found someone who she knew even though she had never met them before. This person was her soulmate and when she was with that person she felt safe - and at home. She passionately sang to them and carried the words in her heart always - as she grew, as she wrote, and as she changed, this one dream never changed.

In the end...
there will still be a girl
And there will always be a dream.

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