end of hiatus
2:11 am on Monday, Apr. 11, 2005

Wow peepz! it's been quite a while hasnt it? Well I'm officially in my apartment now, and I'm lovin it! Of course as with everything it has its downside....but bein on my own, well its freakin awesome!
I hate when i cant go to sleep....its a bummer :( But life is good, I'm single, free as a bird. And there's plenty of hot guys out there....I'm havin fun playin the field. Yet, I feel so alone sometimes.....it gets lonely bein by myself...I cant even have pets! But dont pity me, at least its much better than livin with my "watch over your shoulder and nitpick" parents. Well gotsta go maybe I'll actually be able to gets me some sleep! TTYLZ! Rach

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