I wish I could fly away...
2:38 am on Sunday, Feb. 22, 2004

Fly straight into the arms of the one I love

The teardrops I cry stain my pillow tonight

As I pray to the stars up above

Star light, star bright

All the stars that I canít see tonight

I wish I may, I wish might

Hold him in my arms tonight

Heís sweet, heís cute

Like a piece of perfect fruit

I want to kiss his tender lips

Place my hands upon his hips

And sigh a sigh of contented bliss

Tell him I love him and that I always will

Run my hands over his stomach

Let him feel the chill

My heart is his now

Let him do what he will

It is his to keep alive

Or his to kill

I hope he feels

An ounce of this

And wants me too

And wants my kiss

If he wants me too

It could be fun

God only knows

He could be the one.

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