I'm frrrrrrrreeeeeee
8:02 am on Saturday, May. 17, 2003

I can't beleive what an asshole that guy was is! and that I fell for his "I Love You" act. The cool thing is he thinks he used me, but I used him, or maybe it was both...anyways, life goes on and I'm now single (I officially dumped Phil) so if your a guy or a girl looking for some fun get in contact with me....if i think your cute and you live close by maybe we could hook up....lol, I sound funny dont I?
I have a job opportunity I just found out about, Ive got a job interview on Tuesday actually I hope it works out. I would be a medical receptionist. I'm keeping my fingers, and toes crossed.
I'm a free woman, I know who I am
I dont need another woman, I dont need another man
To be satisfied, to feel really good
I hope that it is clearly, very plainly understood
That I find satisfaction in pleasing just me
Masturbation gives me pleasure, self-loving is the key
To the place where I'll be happy, be relaxed, be confident
Cuz when your loving yourself you always get the same respect
Someday I might find someone, but for today I'll accept The good feeling I get from being free.

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