Freaky Friday
2:39 am on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2004

I knew something was wrong when I called Nathan at 3 pm and he wasn’t there. What I didn’t know was that he had been in a car accident and that he almost died. I didn’t know that I almost lost him before I even got to meet him. In the meantime I was driving myself crazy thinking every guy on the net was Alex. Taylor… Brian… David… everyone. And now I know I was wrong. I thought I loved Alex, and maybe I do, but in a different way then I love Nathan. I love Nathan in a boyfriend/girlfriend way, and I love Alex, except for the huge crush I have on him, in a brother/sister way. Maybe this is for the best. Maybe Alex and I are meant to be good friends and Nathan and I are meant to be much, much more. FYI, I finally got off. After about 3 days of extensive masturbation, I finally got that orgasm and believe me it was amazing. I feel good now, partly because of that, and partly because I started taking my medication again.

I got a package today but it wasn’t my cell phone…I got stuff from Old I bought a 3-pack of string bikinis, a black camisole, a black tee, a red tee, and black sleep shorts (which I am wearing right now).

Well I will go now and I hope I will remember not to take my friends for granted and not to treat them badly. Good night and until we meet again I’m humbly yours, RACH

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