happy birthday... belated
12:48 am on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me… Belated

It’s the day after my birthday, and do I feel any older? Not really. Do I feel like I’m 27 years old? Not really. Do I feel like a penniless writer sitting on her fat ass waiting for the right deal or the right guy (or both) to come along? Maybe. Maybe I already have the right guy….Matt Baits….sexy Matt, who is now my sexy boyfriend, although with the condition that we are both allowed to see other people, which is very understandable since he lives in Colorado and I, of course, live in Pennsylvania. If you want to check him out, go to http://profiles.yahoo.com/mattbaits69 Cool huh? Right now I can’t think of much to say so I will go now….if it helps any I will probably say a lot more in the next entry…I’m such a lazy bum **sigh** ttyl RACHEL

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