hate and die...a tease
1:22 am on Sunday, Aug. 03, 2003

Hate and Die… A Teaser

According to my friend Nikki’s husband this is what the music that skaters listen to is about. That made me laugh. I wonder if that is what Alex listens to. I bet what happened was his dad heard a song on a c.d. of his that had those words in it and ever since he’s been convinced that’s all he listens to. I know how parents are. That’s why I never want to be one…a parent that is. Parents suck. My friend Dora is 19 and a parent. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about in this entry. I wanted to talk about skating. That’s all I can think about lately. That and sex. And Alex. The last one I probably shouldn’t think about…but of course when you shouldn’t think about something you think about it all the time. I was going to tell you about him today, but I changed my mind : P I’ll keep you in suspense for the time being…maybe I’ll tell you about him tomorrow. I know, I know, I’m such a tease. So back to skating. I’ve been talking to a lot of skaters lately on the net. Sometimes we actually talk about skating LOL. You don’t want to know what we talk about the rest of the time. I’d have to kill you if I told you (just kidding). I just need to get my ass moving on writing the story itself. I was going to write some today and I was so fucking tired I just let it go. All I did today was sleep, eat, and watch television…what an exciting way to spend the day, eh? Not really anything else to talk about so I guess I’ll go….I look forward to telling you about Alex tomorrow…tata!

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