Here I am...
3:02 am on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2004

Here I am sitting in my room at my computer listening to my favorite Fefe Dobson song, smelling the aroma of my pumpkin pie candle, sipping a cup of orange soda, and thinking of you. You, Alex, you and your sweet eyes, your puppy dog grin, your hot abs and butt. You and your cute voice, your infectious laughter, and the way you make feel deep inside. How do you make me feel? Man, it would take at least 100 pages to describe everything I feel about and for you. Is it love? Or just infatuation? I donít know, and maybe I donít want to know. Life at times is crazy, strange, and beyond belief. Why I thought David was you, Alex I donít know. David doesnít even know what a pug isÖLOL. Alex, I wish I could tell you what I feelÖbut I donít even know myself. If only you were older, but life is never so simple, and if it was maybe life would be too boring. I got to talk to you todayÖI called your mom and got you instead LOL. It was nice to hear your voice. That other Alex was weird and scaryÖI canít believe I gave him my number. Iíd rather have you call me anyday. Hey the phoneís ringingÖbe right back.

It was Nathan. It was nice to talk to him. But heís not you, Alex. He never was. I like talking to him though, he makes me smile and laugh. He makes me forget my troubles for awhile. And he made me think of you, not like I wasnít thinking of you already. We talked about you and I smiled. I told Nathan about the Alex Chalmers poster I have up on my wall by my bed. He thought that was funny and cute. Heís calling me again Wednesday night. I look forward to talking to him again. Well not much else to talk about so I will close here. Good night AlexÖdonít say goodbye, just say good night. RACH

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