A Hottie Eye Candy Day
10:53 pm on Sunday, Feb. 01, 2004

I can’t believe how many hot guys were out shopping today! Like, oh my god! They were all soooooo hot! They were so distracting, yet I was still thinking of Alex. I’m always thinking of him these days. My dad could be having a heart attack and the cats could be ripping each other to shreds, but no matter what else is going on around me Alex is the only one on my mind. The house could be on fire, there could be an earthquake off the Richter scale, and I would still be feeling the little butterflies quivering in my stomach. I know I should just get over him, that it probably would never work in a million years, that we’d both be better off with someone our own age, that my friendship with Nikki is more important, yet I can’t help these feelings I have. I guess you can’t choose who you love, because if you could I would stop this nonsense. But sometimes the sweetest things don’t make much sense. And Alex is sweet. Like a Reese cup. Mmmm…chocolate. I found out from Nikki that Alex loves chocolate. Just like me. If I could, I would send a truck load of chocolate candy to his house. Maybe I should buy some chocolate Twizzler panties LOL. I wonder if they even make that. Someone once said chocolate is better than sex. Hmmm…wonder what Alex’s take on that would be? HEHE. “I gotta stop before I cum soon”**

**Quote taken from the Eminem Show CD**

Merry x-mas to all and to all a good night.


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