Everybody hurts
12:20 am on Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2004

If youíve read even a few entries of this diary, youíve probably come to the conclusion that my life is crazy, or maybe even that **I** am crazy. You may have noticed that I am very emotional, take everything personally, and get hurt easily. After Nathan broke up with me, I hurt.


But when I think about how everybody hurts, and how some people (okay a lot of people) have worse problems than me, I feel a little better. I mean, once I take the time to seriously think about it, life isnít half bad. And even if it is, tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a new day, and it is an opportunity to make my life (and the lives of those around me) a little better.

I saw my counselor Connie today, and it made me feel better just talking to her. Sheís very insightful and helpful. She also makes me think. (Like I donít think enough already, right? LOL)

I had some fun with hottguy againÖ**wink, wink** What can I say, I like to have funÖand I like to show off my best asset, my boobs. Or is it my eyes? I donít know, Iím confused LOL. Well not much else worth mentioning so I will say tata for now.

Ciao, RACH

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