i want you mattie
9:14 am on Thursday, Jun. 12, 2003

Why are guys so difficult? lol I mean Phil, the nice one, all he wants is a f**king one night stand...and just b/c i couldnt call him he got all huffy and f**king logged off...what the hell!?! why do some guys just want sex....i mean there are more things to life than just sex....like friendship, and romance, and love. I don't know...maybe someday I'll find a guy who agrees with me...in fact, maybe Matt could be that guy....of course dont get me wrong, I'll definitely could see myself having sex with Matt...hehe.....mmmmmmmm....yet I want it to be more than that i want it to be a more rounded relationship involving all sorts of activities than sex....Ok now I am thinking about sex I cann't stop lol......mmmmm sexy Mattie....I can just imagine kissing him....my lips touching his.....our tongues making love...I want you mattie.

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