a longer entry, bleh
2:22 pm on Wednesday, Jun. 04, 2003

Well I guess I'm still technically a virgin...maybe fate is saving me for Matt? Or whoever is my destiny? I'm hoping it's Matt but who knows what will happen. Things are going well with Matt, and I'm happy...for now anyways lol. I saw him last night, at work, and I got to talk to him. He was drinking wild cherry pepsi and eating cherry twizzlers hehe mmmmm wud love to eat his twizzler....:P
ok now I'm being bad....but these days bad is good right? dirty bad i mean.....my mind is thinking dirty thoughts right now....lol i love that christina aguilera song about gettin dirty...hey now that i think of it she is pretty hot...wish i had her bod...i kinda have her voice....hey! i did take 2 years of voice lessons in high school...i hope it was worth something....and i've been singing since i was four years old....my first solo was at nursery school graduation singing "Jesus Loves Me"...I still believe that...even if I dont believe over half the stuff I believed back then.....that I had to be perfect....that you were allowed to do anything considered "wrong" that you couldnt make mistakes....but what does that have to do with Jesus' love anyways? he loves you no matter who you are no matter what youve done...even if you smoke cigarettes! lol
Back to the matt thing...I really see potential there, when i stand close to him I feel something between us and it feels rrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllll good. :) mmmmmattie you could be the one for me the ? i wish i knew the answer for is am i the one for you? only time will tell...

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