This bright and glorious moon
11:33 pm on Sunday, Sept. 07, 2003

This bright and glorious moon…

I sit here in Alex’s black long sleeved shirt and black jogging pants and I think about two moons: the one I saw tonight as I looked out the window into the dark sky…the bright glorious moon…the one whose face stared back at me so blankly as I wondered what it was thinking. I’ve been sleeping so much lately, I’ve been so tired, and dreaming… what do I dream about? Nothing really in particular. Just things, random things. Maybe if I took notes and read the notes I would notice patterns and notice that they actually meant something. What was the other moon I thought of? Your ass! : P Your ass is adorable, sexy thing. I want to kiss it…I’m silly I guess. I bet that’s one of the things you love about me… you do love me right? Cuz I love you…you know it’s true…ew, that sounds like an old Milli Vanilli song…you probably don’t remember them…they were from when I was a kid. They were fake singers. Matt, someday maybe I’ll be able to pledge my love to you and dedicate my all to loving you but even if I don’t it’ll be worth it just to be able to say I was Matt Baits’ friend.

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