Mr. Stabbie
12:14 am on Friday, Nov. 21, 2003

Mr. Stabbie? What the fuck is that all about? It's this stupid song I can't get out of my head from a cartoon my brother Tim found on the internet. It's got a picture of some crazy dude with a bloody knife, stabbing uselessly at the air...

Anway enough talk about fictional psychopathic killers - I talked to Nathan last night (I called him while I was at the gym and got tired of exercising) I love talking to him, even when he runs out of things to say...could it be yest another crush?

I bought some things at Wally-world today (aka Walmart) my faves being the Tony Hawk magazine, the toe socks/gloves, and the 300-minute card for my tracfone with the 40 minutes i'll be getting extra from the initial promotion that came with the phone i bought I shouldn't have to buy another card for awhile **shouldn't being the operative word here**

I spent a good part of today with Nikki and we talked about some interesting things (Alex getting a jock strap was one and it sortof turned me on but not as much as it would have if Nikki hadn't been in such bad shape with her back.

I'm just glad they gave her something for the pain.

Tomorrow Nikki and I are going on a long journey to get tires for her car...YEAH! Can I be any more looking forward to getting tires? LOL/JK I ALWAYS look forward to spending time with Nikki

Saturday my mom leaves for Tennessee for her orientation for truck driving. She's gonna be gone for: her b-day, thanksgiving, and possibly X-mas.

Well I've said alot, so I will let u digest all this info and i will say good night...

Good night,


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