1:05 am on Monday, Dec. 29, 2003

I'm singing for the moment

Cuz right now life is great

My money might be spent

But I've got a sweet love in Nate

Sometimes I feel so hot

Sometimes I feel so cold

Sometimes I feel like a teeter-tot

Sometimes I feel so old

When he tells me he loves me

I want to believe

That he's not lying thru his teeth

He really does love me

Tonight maybe I'll dream

Of marrying him and becoming his wife

No more nightmares where I scream

At someone plunging a knife

Into my heart

Where the love that I feel

Is real

Oh please tell me

That all my dreams will come true.


Just talked to mi b-f Nathan....mmmm i lub him so. -n- he lubs me. cant wait til tomorow morn so i can talk to hims again so tatas! rach

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