Never Been Happier
7:07 am on Tuesday, May. 03, 2005

I've never been happier to get my period.
For the last few days I thought maybe I was pregnant. I had sex about a month ago and even though we used protection well you know it isnt 100% safe. I'm just glad I'm not pregnant, because I am no where near the place I want to be at to take care of a child.
In other news, I'm waiting to hear back from the Carbon Training Center...I applied for a job there, I would be doing assembly work....only minimum wage, unless I do my job well then I could make more money. One person there makes 7.50 an hour! Cool, huh? Life is good in other regards as well, including the fact that I've been getting to know a terrific guy online and am supposed to go on a date with him Saturday as long as he gets his new truck by then. His name is Mark and I met him on AOL chat. He's sweet, funny,hard-working, talented, and sexy, plus he's a skater who only wears boxers! I think i'm in love! Well maybe maybe not. Ive decided to take things slowly with him, and not rush into things of a sexual nature. Good idea, huh?
Anyways, life is good, so I'll ttyl! Rach

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