I've got a new attitude
10:49 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2004

I call it my ďFuck itĒ attitude.

Courtesy of skater7070.

It seems to be working, although I havenít been using it that much yet. I donít understand the science or reasoning behind it, but thereís something about saying fuck it when things are building up inside of you that just releases whatever you are feeling and just plain makes you feel better. Makes ME feel better. And if your not the kind of person that says fuck in front of others then you can say it in your head. Thatís what I usually do. Hell, your parents could make u go to church, and you could be so angry and just say fuck it inside your head and feel better and no one would know the real reason why you were smiling. They would think you were just enjoying the pastorís sermon.

I got a check in the mail today **YEAH** from a lawsuit settlement from BMG Music. Wow a big 13 dollars. Well not much to talk about today so I guess I will say so long. Oh wait I almost forgot the BIG news. I had phone sex **twice** with Nathan (my ex) and it was mm-mm good. Nathan I wish we never broke up. Why did we break up again? RACH

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