A new hope
12:29 am on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004

Life has been exciting

The water's so inviting

I think I'll take a swim

Been spending time just thinking

Diet soda I've been drinking

I think I'll soon be slim


Life has been crazy lately. Work has been hectic, to say the least. But life is good. I'm in a relationship now (more about that later) and I can't wait for my first date! It'll be soon i hope. hell, forget that waitng i might as well tell you now...I have a girlfriend named Theresa. She's very pretty and I think i'm in love with her. She's married to a black man and has 5 kids. I love her sooo much and i havent even met her yet! And she only lives an hour away. i have this feeling i will really like her hubbie Todd too. life is good.

In my dreams you are there

Im kissing you everywhere

I feel lighter than the air

And my only hope is you

Good night everyone and pleasant dreams! RACH

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