The noises in my head
10:19 pm on Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2004

Why is everything so f**king loud?!?!?

The creatures outside, the cars driving by, even my f**king computer is so damn loud!!! My ears hurt, my head hurts; does anyone even care?

That being saidÖI had an alright day. It wasnít the best, but it wasnít the worst either. I didnít get to see Alex, he was probably out skateboarding, but thatís cool. Life is good, and Iím sure Iíll see him again sooner or later. If I hang out at their house long enoughÖ ; ) RACH

P.S. I have a new email address; itís Öyou can write me if you want, I love to get mail! (Who doesnít right?) Or send me a yahoo instant message; itís strawberryblondie76.

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