12:00 am on Monday, Aug. 16, 2004

Iím more optimistic today. This is good, yes?

Today I feel better. Sure life isnít perfect; life isnít even all that great. But Iíve made it this far, and Iím not gonna give up on my dreams now. You know I wasnít going to tell you this but I might as well now. I slept under Alex. Youíre probably thinking what the fuck? Wait, I didnít give you the punch lineÖI slept under his picture. I was sleeping on Nikís sofa and I was under his picture. Cute, huh?

So back to feeling better today. I do. Feel better that is. Iím optimistic about the future too. I know it seems like Iím stuck in a rut, that Iím not getting anywhere. Yet I am. Iím making plans, taking steps toward a brighter tomorrow.

Okay enough of the positivity talk. Girls just wanna have fun ya know? Letís have some fun. How? I donít fucking know. Letís talk about sexÖ I canít get off and itís driving me crazy. As if Iím not crazy already. I get so close that Iím about to burst and I canít stand it but I donít get anywhere. Donít get me wrong I love to jill off but why canít I have my cake and eat it too? Damn it. Oh well Iím sure if I keep trying eventually Iíll get offÖI mean it has to be an inevitable thing right? Maybe I should go to a sex therapist. Or get my own apartment where I donít have to worry about my brother or parents hearing me. Either one of those will do. Well, not much else to talk aboutÖIím just pretty god damned bored. But time will pass, and Iíll get to go online. YEAH!!! Okay, Iím outta here. Smell ya later, RACH

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