Phil...mwah, mwah, MWAH!
12:54 am on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2003

Phil is a hottie...pass it on!

Okay, he's we can talk. My relationship with Phil (can I call it a relationship) is a strange one at best and I don't feel like I can depend on it. On the flip side, I talked to this great guy today, Nathan, and already I am getting good vibes from him. He's really interested in me, not just sex, we talked about stuff and he didnt once try to talk dirty to me....and he even likes my laugh! that's a keeper right there....I talked to him for a half hour...about nothing. We even talked about going to the laundromat, and about 40 days, 40 nights **my all time fave movie** and we're gonna talk on the phone again on monday...i can't wait..i'll keep you posted.....btw, im working out tomorrow morning (hopefully) at the gym with nikki so I'm not staying up too, too late. So sianari, play atari,watch the starri o'er your head.

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