Planet of the Apes
12:01 am on Thursday, Feb. 05, 2004

I went from being in a relationship with a Nathan Taylor to a TaylorÖ both in Texas. I find a bit of irony in that donít you? I talked to Nathan tonight. He seems to be doing alright. Heís losing a lot of weight which concerns me and he doesnít have a job, but other than that heís okay. And I didnít get all upset talking to him which was good. I guess Iím finally over him and moving on. Iím glad we can still be friends.

I felt weird talking to David last night. Why? Because I canít shake the feeling that heís not who he says he is. Who is he? Thatís a good question. Why would he lie to me? Unless heís got something to hide. But maybe Iím reading too much into this. As usual.

Justin Timberlake is hot. He still had no right to accost Janet Jackson. But heís a typical guy who canít keep his hands to himself. Iím surprised he didnít smack her ass.

Anyways, tomorrow I go to H&R Block with my momÖmore money yeah!!! And in three to four days Iíll be getting 60 dollars from Liberty Wireless put into my checking account.

Life is good.


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