Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain...
3:22 am on Thursday, Jul. 01, 2004

It may be the end of us, but itís also a beginning

Our battle we have lost, but my struggle I am winning

Too late to pick up the pieces

Too quick to move on

The love that was always there

Is now so suddenly gone

She may be better for you than I could ever have been

But whyíd you have to hide it from me

Like you were committing some evil sin

Oh well itís over thereís no turning back

Iím so weary and tired I could go hit the sack

Iím so lonely and scared, you caught me unaware

You took my beautiful wedding gown and gave it one big tear

It will get better, I know for a fact

You thought you knew me, but you didnít know jack

About my loves, my fears, my hates

How I loved pizza, was afraid of drowning and hated roller skates

It may be the end of us, but itís also a beginning

The universe will keep expanding, and my world will keep spinning

Yes my relationship with Nathan is officially overÖguys and gals, Iím single again! Isnít that wicked cool? ^__^ Itís gonna take some getting used to, considering it just happened yesterdayÖbut Iím sure itís for the best. I know Iíve got to keep a positive attitude about it. Itís so freaking tough though. When your heartís breaking, when the tears are pouring from your eyesÖnot like Iím crying all the time but every once in a while it hits me what has happened and I just start balling. Anyways, maybe I should hook up with Bill againÖold Bill I mean, not goth Bill or skater Bill. Bill was hot, in an older more experienced way. Maybe what I need right now is not love, and promises, and long term commitmentsÖmaybe I just need some hot passionate love-making. But it will be on my terms, and I wonít let him talk me into doing anything I donít want to do.

As always, RACH

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