Inner Scars
11:19 pm on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2003

Inner Scars

There are sites on the internet that talk about outer wounds, but what about the inner ones, the ones that are not easily seen and hardest to heal? The many inner wounds I've endured have left ugly inner scars - scars that will probably never go away. Sometimes I hurt so bad inside and I don't know who to talk to and life seems unbearably horrible and I just want to lay curled up under the covers of my bed and cry.

Then there are those days when I feel really good and I feel like nothing could bring me down. When I'm feeling good, it's easy for me to help others and do good things and not be self-centered...when I'm feeling horrible inside, it's hard enough to try to help myself.

Haven't heard from Matt in a while - haven't heard from Bill either since our last "date" a couple weeks ago (if you call it a date lol - if you have read older entries you know what i mean)

I should be happy...but am I? Am I truly happy? Will I ever find it...true happiness?

Maybe I should look within myself for the answers to my questions. Inside myself are the inner scars...proven I've been hurt before...but also proving that wounds DO heal. As I fall asleep later tonight, I will pray that happiness will someday be mine...perhaps sooner than anybody could imagine.


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