Senorita Raquel
1:14 am on Monday, Sept. 01, 2003

Senorita Raquel

“You still deserve a crown…” as I listen to Justin Timberlake croon these words, I think back to the days when I was taking Spanish….high school and college. High school was filled with achievements…performing with the band front at the opening of the new tunnel and at the Phillies game, acting with the h.s. theatre group, performing with the chorus and show choir, getting the top senior award for chorus, performing for a performing group called Studio Kids, getting a scholarship with them for six months of free voice lessons, acting with the Mauch Chunk Opera House (I like to tell people I’ve acted on Broadway – Broadway St. in Jim Thorpe, PA that is) my favorite role being when I was a freshman and played one of the wicked stepsisters in Cinderella.

Ok, enough about that…how am I doing now? I was really tired today…I’m going to mention that to my counselor on Tuesday when I see her. See what she thinks. I think, no I know, this is going to be real tough going back to a counselor but I feel like she is going to do whatever she can to make this easier for me. She’s a nice woman and she truly cares…I can sense that…and we do have a lot in common. Tomorrow is Labor Day I used to be a hard-working girl, now I’m hardly working. I don’t work, I don’t really do any chores around the house, I’m a lazy, good-for-nothin bitch who’s trying to find her path to freedom, stardom, and every fucking thing that I want. I want the good life, the cream of the crop. Yeah, but having what you want comes with a price. What exactly that price is most people don’t even really know, including myself, although I have a basic idea.

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