3:17 am on Sunday, Jul. 27, 2003

Letís talk about sexÖ

Can you guess what this entryís going to be about? LOL. For some reason I was thinking about Kevin today. Sweet, sexy, yet too young for me. Oh well, he thought I was crazy anyways. I still remember him sucking on his fingers one by one. He probably knew I was watching him, heh. Iím listening to Most Requested on B104 and one my favorite bands is on Ė Good Charlotte. They kick ass. But I was talking about sex. Iím sorry. Sometimes I get off the subject. Letís talk about me and Phil. How we finally got it on. How he gave me the best birthday present ever. Now I wonít be a virgin when I turn 27 next month (August 18thÖpresents are welcome and will be accepted). Nice, huh?

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