a shitty friend
12:02 am on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004

My best friend could have died, how does that make me feel? Empty inside, is this really real? I shouldn’t have lusted for her son, I shouldn’t have taken advantage. I shouldn’t have played so many games, her life I tried to manage. Warning signs I ignored, while mentally I kept score. Now the game’s through….she’s got a room with a view….and I’m left sitting here all alone. I’m fed up with Morgan…I wish I could kick her in the ass. Nikki was so nice to her, did so many things for her, bought her so many things and look how she fucking treated her. And you know what I don’t care if she finds this and hates my guts and comes after me. Maybe I didn’t treat Nikki right either…but damn it, Morgan was her daughter she was supposed to respect and honor her. Nikki could have died does Morgan even give a fuck? I bet Alex does…I bet he cares…

Anyways, my life will go on and I’m sure I will find things to do with my time without Nikki. I will pray that she gets better and that maybe she will forgive me someday for being such a shitty friend. Rach

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