sleeping beauty
11:41 pm on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2003

I've been so tired lately...maybe I'm still getting used to my medicine regime?

In any case I am so happy about having a boyfriend and that I still have a chance to finish my studies and get into the field of medical transcription. My goal is to study really hard and get a really high score on the final test (I would like a 95% or higher on both parts) so it will be much easier to get a great mt job working at home.

So who all is in my life these days? My parents, my brother Tim, my boyfriend Matt, my best friend Nikki, my internet friends, and the Great God and Goddess of the Known and Unknown Universe. I worship the Goddess and strive to learn more about her every day.

Monday is Labor Day so Tim will be home from school BOO!!! But I might stay over at Nikki's house YAY!!! Right now I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. But if i wait to go to bed, Matt might be online. I love chatting with him, love looking at his pics, and I definitely love hearing his voice. Mmmmm...yummy Matt...scrumptiously yummy. I LUB U MATT!!!


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