Some days
1:55 am on Sunday, Sept. 07, 2003

Some daysÖ

Some days I feel happy, some days I feel sad; some days I feel joyful, some days I feel mad

Dear Matt, I miss you again. Iím writing this entry into my notebook (I write it before I type it) with my Matt pencil (it has the name Matt on it).

I miss listening to your voice before going to bed at night but I canít use my CD walkman b/c it is broken. I guess I could go on my computer at night before bed and listen on there. (that might solve the problem Ė like duh, why didnít I think of that before LOL)

I canít wait until Monday Ė whether itís the thought of getting to see Bill, the thought of having sex again, or the thought of having sex again with Bill, Iím definitely looking forward to it.

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