a statement
10:54 am on Tuesday, Jul. 06, 2004

Today is a new day...right?


Anywho, life has been strange lately...more so than usual. But what's usual anyway? I can relate to skaters when they believe that they are not normal. But I've never embraced it, in fact I've hated myself for my imperfections, my hangups, my individuality. But what is life if not for the individual? Imagine a world where everyone is the same. The same hair the same eyes, the same school the same job, the same friends the same enemies. It's not a good thing folks.

So from now on I will embrace my individuality, and encourage others to do the same. Life would be dull if it wasnt for the things that make me "me" and you "you" So if I have problems that people don't understand, and do things that people can't comprehend, but I believe in my heart that it is a part of "me" then I will continue on.

If I'm aby-normal, then that's just a-ok. In fact, I want to be aby-normal...the more aby-normal I am, the happier I will be.

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