God Bless the U*S*A
11:57 pm on Friday, May. 23, 2003

Today was stressful yet fun...cant believe I smoked over a pack of cigarettes in one day! And can't believe the stuff I did on the phone with Phil...for those of you following my diary, this is not the Phil who is now my my ex-bf, this is another Phil...one that is a good friend, at least for now **wink,wink** who knows what could happen in the future? A lot of people have been taking my survey, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. THANKS PEEPS! Anywho, I cant wait to get back to working so I can make some moolah I need it to pay my bills, buy stuff, and support my growing habit. (At least jilling off is still free lol) Have a great memorial day everyone and God Bless the U*S*A !!!!

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