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1:19 am on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003

I'm tired, but I wanted to at least write to you a little tonight...things are looking up, even though I've been feeling crappy off and on these days. Today I realized how much I like Jimmy. Jimmy is this guy I've been chatting online with for a while...we had cybersex today and it was great. I got off twice today. And that's good for me. And it still left me wanting more. He wants to do phone sex sometime. Well I'm game. Hey tomorrow (or today actually) is Wednesday! That means I get to see the newest episode of the OC. I love that show...the main character Ryan is sooooo hot! I'll be right back I've got to get something to drink...my throat is as parched as the Sahara desert....ahhhh that's better, I got a glass of kiwi strawberry v8 splash...i love that stuff....anyways, hope you like what I've done with the diary....its not my own design but its what im using for now until i figure out something better. So until next time, tata! (yes, i said tata, not tatu) RACH

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