Wild Times
10:18 am on Friday, Oct. 24, 2003

Ear aches, coughing syrup, and marlboro cigarettes

My ear hurt like hell last night, but somehow I managed to get to sleep, it did help that my mom gave me cough syrup for my horrible cough. I think I slept through the night too...something that rarely happens with me. And I felt better than usual waking up this morning, as if I had actually slept!

So of course the first thing I did when I got my SSI money was I went and bought a carton of marlboro menthol light 100s cigarettes. Now I've got all these cigarettes...and I cant go smoke them b/c its so fucking cold outside and im so fucking sick.

What else will I use my money for? Well if your looking for a hand out, in the words of Tom Hanks, in his stunning performance in Catch me if u can, go fuck yourself! Seriously, though, i have to be careful b/c i remember what happened the last time i had this much money it was gone before a college graduate could spell Mississippi. I did something good though, I paid a month's worth of rent...now they can't say I dont pitch in!

So tomorrow I'm going out with Nikki...that'll be fun. We're going to a mexican restaurant called Don Pablo's (they are fucking awesome) and this time I'm NOT getting a non=alcoholic drink....I dont want to get drunk mind you....just a little bit tipsy, i want to relax and enjoy my time with my best friend. Alas, I must flee.....I will return.....be prepared for anything to happen...these are wild times! RACH

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