Rain falling on my window pane
1:30 am on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004

Millions of thoughts of you

Running through my tired brain

But thatís not something new

When Iím close to you I feel so strange

Like somethingís wrong with me

When Iím away from you I feel deranged

ĎCause youíre my every fantasy

I wore your clothes, I screamed your name

When everything was wrong

Until the day when weíre through with this game

Iíll keep singing our secret song


Itís a hot humid rainy day and Iím sweating like a pig. Nikki and I went for our walk and it was so hot we only went a mile. Then we went to Aldiís and Walmart for a little shopping. She gave me two cigarettes, which was niceÖhey, I already know I shouldnít smoke, so donít even start LOL. Iím hoping to quit eventually, but for now Iím a smoker, and I just have to live with that. And so does everyone else.

Well nothing really to say, so I guess Iíll see ya! RACH

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