to be... you
1:16 am on Tuesday, Jul. 15, 2003

Why is life so confusing? Sometimes, I don't know whether I'm coming or going, whether I like girls or guys, whether I'm a sinner or a saint. Sometimes I can't wait to wake up in the morning, other days it's misery to drag myself out of bed. I am a person of one minute, cold the next...and it must be hell having to live with me or be my friend or be my lover. Wait, imagine being me! I can't escape matter how much I'd love to at times. Just to be someone else for one freakin' day...
If I could be
Anyone but me
I'd be a ballerina
Or that gal on tv
Id fly to the moon
Or work at a bar
I'd sing for the opera
Or be a supa-star
I'd have lots of money
Or wear diamond rings
But if I could be
Anyone but me
It would be a dream come true
Just to be... you.

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