5:36 pm on Saturday, Sept. 03, 2005

And the sun still shines in the summertime...

Yes it's summertime, and the sun's still shinin...although summer will soon be over and the sun won't be shinin as much...but that's okay with me.
Things are still good with Casey and me at the moment, although haven't talked to him much lately...been busy with this new computer I got from Rentway. It's awesome having a computer and all, but I think i over did it last night. I'm glad I got some sleep today tho :)
Been thinking about Alex, of course, esp. as I read some of the entries I wrote in here having to do with him. But he's got a girl, I got a guy, and that's that. Why screw with that? When things are so good. Except for the nightmares. And not wanting to sleep. And feeling alone. And feeling fat, ugly, and stupid. But those are all the usual things I deal with. So why am I complaining? I don't fuckin know. Nikki's son has got it goin on....ok im outties HAHA RACH

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