I feel alright tonight
12:24 am on Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2004

I canít keep fighting this fight

I just want to be your girl tonight

But if I canít, itís still okay

ĎCause Iíll be happy anyway

In my head weíre together, weíre not apart

My head is on your chest, and I can hear your heart

It beats a rhythm I canít quite understand

But it brings me closer to you, you sweet handsome man

My love it grows, Ďtil everyone knows

Just how I feel about you

And going at this rate

I anticipate

Tonight Iíll be with you.

Life is goodÖI guess LOL. I miss AlexÖthere I said it. I just said what Iíve been feeling the last few weeks. I miss him. Seeing him and hearing his voice was one of the few real joys in my life. I know Iím pathetic, but itís the truth. It sounds like heís having fun up in Alaska. I wish I was up there with him. It would be fun, although I donít know how much fishing heíd get done. **blushes** I think about him all the time. I wish I could stop this, but I canít. It would be like stopping breathing. He is the air that I breatheÖhe keeps me aliveÖif it wasnít for him, Iíd be dead.

WTF?!? I am obsessed , arenít I?

Anyways, have a good night, and as always,

Yours truly,


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