Money in the bank, a tear in my pocket, and a hole in my heart
1:39 am on Tuesday, Dec. 02, 2003

From now on when I have something to say about Alex, there will be an *ALEX ALERT* Let's try it out...

*ALEX ALERT* Alex shot his first deer today which must have been a big accomplishment b/c Nikki had to tell me twice LOL :P

I'll show you magic...wha-what? ma-a-gic. Sorry, I'm being distracted by my music...anywho...

Got my SSI today. I love this direct deposit thingy - I mean one minute there's no money in my account the next minute there's quite a eh? I just bought some airtime for my phone (it had gotten down to 18.5 units) and the stupid code didn't work again...damit! Oh well I'll just have to call tomorrow.

I wonder how Nathan's doing? It seems like forever since I talked to him (although actually more like a day or two)

How is life for skatyr-gyrl? Not too bad these days - it could be better but I don't have too much to complain about (Although for someone who doesn't have much to complain about I sure do complain a lot...)

*ALEX ALERT* I still have his black shirt with the white stripes on the sleeves with no plan to return it any time soon. In fact I'm wearing it right now *hehehe* RACH

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