My heart aches
11:56 am on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2004

My heart aches when I think of you
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
To be the one that you adore
I'd wash your clothes and mop your floor
I want to be the one you love
Like no one else your heart dreams of
I want to kiss your lips so sweet
And sweep you up off of your feet
Is this love real, is this love true
Could I really be in love with you
I can't deny that when you're near
My heart goes faster than a deer
If we could be together soon
I might just faint, I might just swoon
'Cause you are always in my dreams
The thought is sweeter than it seems
When you think of me, if ever at all
Do you think in love you just might fall
Do you think that I'm the sweetest gal
That I could be more than just a pal
If so, that's great, I'm really glad
'Cause anything else would make me sad
My heart aches when I think of you
And it wont feel better til my dreams come true.

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